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Welcome to Diary 4, the perfect tool for managing your group's time. Ideal for bands and similar groups of people needing to coordinate their time, Diary 4 allows members to share a powerful on-line diary, containing all the details of your events and allowing holidays and other unavailability to be planned around.

Access to your group's diary is of course strictly controlled, but you can opt to publish selected events on your Diary 4 homepage, ideal for linking from your existing website or for emailing to your fan-base.

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Please note that due to a change in tax legislation, paid subscriptions are no longer available to users in the EU. Sorry.

Diary 4 is an invaluable tool for me. As Tour Manager of a band with members living all over the country, having one central diary of everyone's availability is brilliant. Previous to Diary 4, I would have had to phone every band member every time there was a gig enquiry to check their availability. Sometimes this would take days to get answers, resulting in possibly losing potential gigs.

Gareth Brocklebank - Tour Manager, Doug Walker

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Help and support website including the user guide and Diary 4 support forum

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